My Experience With Linux

Initially I have no idea about Open Source and Linux. But I have seen one of my PG friend(Arulalan.T) using Linux(Ubuntu) in his home. He has insisted me to learn some technologies like PHP, Ruby, Ruby on Rails etc. He introduced his brother Shrinivasan.T who is my booster to use open source. He made a gust lecture on Linux in our college with his friend.They explained how open source evolved with a story.They Explained the advantages of Open Source and the applications available as equal to other Operating Systems. This incident inspires me to involve in Open Source and they i joined as member in ILUGC(Indian Linux User Group Chennai). Also i joined as member in KANCHLUG(Kanchipuram Linux User Group) which organizing by Arulalan.T.

I attended a PHP introduction class conducted by Mr.Ravi Jaya via KANCHLUG . By this I  am interesting to learn PHP on myself. I requested to my MCA department to arrange a gust lecture in PHP(XAMP) and they said ok. So I invite Mr. Ravi Jaya to my department to give lecture on XAMP. He did very well awareness on XAMP via practically in our LAB. After that so many of my friends are interested to learn PHP and also they planed to do their final year project in it and they did it.i can do

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