My Project at Veterinary Hospital

Hi ….
I did my project to the Saidapet Veterinary Polyclinic, with the permission from Animal Husbandry, Chennai.

This web application addresses the need of database management service to veterinary hospitals and to reduce the physical work of humans. This project generate a database management, to maintain the records of all activities of the veterinary hospital in database. All of the forms are designed according to the needs of the users and management’s specification.

Software Configuration:

O S : Linux / Windows

Technology : PHP5

Web Server : APACHE 2.2.11

Database :MySQL

I had developed the following modules in my project



3.Case sheet.

3.1 History Details.

3.2  Lab Investigation.

3.3 Treatment Details.

4.Stock Maintaining.

4.1 Stock Registration.

4.2 Stock Issue.

5.Artificial Insemination.

Screen Shots:

Home page

We can access all modules after the login authenticate. Authentication require two type of user permission i.e., limited user and administrator user. When the user enter the user id and password it will refer the login table from the data base. After verifying the user id and password the session is created with user name and permission.


Registration form allows the users to register the new cattle /pets. when new cattle /pet arrives for treatment,which is register by the identification of cattle/pet owner with unique OP number.

Registration Form

Registration module has a sub modules to view the registered data. It allows the limited user to view and confirm the registration. Administrator can able to modify or delete the registered data using this sub module.

Edit pageHistory Details:

It will show the previous disease detail and provisional diagnosis about the cattle/pet. If there is no any previous details, then there is an option to update the new disease details and provisional diagnosis.

History DetailsLab Investigation:

Lab testing information such as haematology, skin scraping , faecal sample, urinalysis, histopathology, biochemistry and serum culture. At every time of the cattle/pet arrives for treatment the lab investigation is updated.

Lab InvestigationTreatment Details:

In this form the user may register the temperature detail, pulse rate, medicine given and the extra note about the disease & symptoms.

TreatmentStock Registration:

Each medicine has unique drug code, so the unique code must be not duplicate in quantity and quality of the medicine. If the drug code is already registered in the data base, it will be automatically updated with the quantity available. Number of medicine(quantity) received is updated to the data base.

Stock RegistrationStock Issue:

During the medicine issue. If the drug code is available in the data base , it will be automatically show the quantity available,
unless it will display the as “No stock Avail “ for particular drug code.

Stock IssueArtificial Insemination:

Artificial Insemination module is designed to maintain the research details such as treatment effort. For each weak and each month wise the insemination detail is maintain to identify the effort from the medicine and cattle/pet status.

Artificial InseminationViewing the status of Insemination.

StatusDemo @

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