Backup Setup In Moodle

Today(29.03.2011) I just migrated my moodle code and database from linux machine to windows machine. I have faced the problems in adding scorm packages and courses are not backing up.

so I changed the paths in “admin->security->site polices” as per

and also path in “admin->course/curriculum->backup” as new windows path.

Then its working fine.

* Remember to check each path settings in your moodle after migrate to another machine.

LDAP setup in ubuntu

Today I tried to setup LDAP server in my laptop (ubuntu 10.04).

I tried this first

but I faced some error while make link of .ldif by slapadd. Error like “Available database(s) do not allow slapadd”

So I tried this

here I tried up to search users .

Exactly up to this command in this page.

sudo ldapsearch -LLL -Y EXTERNAL -H ldapi:/// -b cn=config dn

After this I just tried to login as admin user from different machine using Moodle( LDAP setup must be enable in it and it must configured)

Now it is working fine.