GET Apache’s REDIRECT variables through $_SERVER

To get the $_SERVER[] values , we can use the following



Syntax: git tag <tag name> <git id>. This is to make easy to checkout to some git id by representing the tag name.
When put like git tag <tag name>, it will the took the latest git id.
To delete the tag git tag -d <tag name>.
To List : git tag -l
To Checkout : git checkout <tag name>.
If you want to build some work on it, use git checkout -b newbranch <tag name>.

To push the tag name to remote git push –tag.

To pull git fetch –tag.


In MODX XPDO its little different,

in mysql the syntax limit 30 ,10;

It will display rows from 30 to 40.

Here we go in MODX

$object = $modx->getCollection(‘modxResource’,$q);

The above query will display rows from 30 to 40.

This will be useful for pagination.