Skype won’t sign out, shows me online all the time…

Hello Everyone,

I have bumped into a very annoying bug in skype.

My contacts started telling me that I am logged in all the time, so i logged in to my account by browsers and changed my password. But still the problem is not solved.

Then I tried the these,

Get all logged in device by typing


in you chat window to any contact, you will get reply as devices and ID of where else your account is signed in.

Sign out all other instances except the current one.


This will also stop push notifications on all other instances.

Laravel Cron

Make a command first

php artisan command:make CronCommand

this will create a class file in app/commands/CronCommand.php

after that add the command to artisan, in app/start/artisan.php

Artisan::add(new CronCommand);

run/call the command

php artisan command:name CronCommand

this execute the fire function in CronCommand.php