Limit band with in Linux

To limit for interface

sudo apt-get install wondershaper

In terminal find out what is the name of the interface connected to your internet by using ifconfig. Could be eth0, eth1, eth2, etc... In my case is eth1. So, I would do this:

sudo wondershaper [interface] [dowload limit] [upload limit] 
eg : sudo wondershaper eth1 1024 256
If you want to reset that do this sudo wondershaper clear eth1

NOTE : This will limit entire speed of ysytem becasue , the limit applied to interface.

To limit the speed by application, we use below 
sudo apt-get install trickle
sudo trickle -d [download limit] -u [upload limit] [application name]
eg : sudo trickle -d 120 -u 32 firefox

NOTe : Without application name it will apply to over all system.

how to move elasticsearch data from one server to another

npm install -g elasticdump elasticdump --input= --output= --type=mapping elasticdump --input= --output= --type=data

More details over at: